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|| Photo Art ||
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This is a community I made because I am sick and tired of people being anal about photography and art.

Here you can post whatever you want, as many pictures as you want, and however many times you want.

Everything and everyone is welcome here.

Feel free to post webcam pictures, digital camera photos, b&w, color, nudes, controversial photos, and art of any kinds, including things like computer graphics, paintings, sketches, etc. - whatever your little heart desires. It is not up to me, or anyone else, to judge what is or isn't good or bad art. I want people to feel comfortable here, and to get feedback that is helpful and motivating.

I like the idea of having a community where you have freedom, and you don't have to read the rules of the community before you post. Here anything is accepted, just use your head. Don't be rude or cruel about anyone else's work. If you have a huge photo, just resize it, or put it behind a cut. If you think you might offend someone, use the lj-cut. If there's nudity, you might want to use an lj-cut for the sake of people who aren't 18 or older and people who will be browsing the community in different environments. Really, just be considerate.


maintained by:

Bridget Brown | total_fat_0g.

On Mute dot Org

AIM - boy am 1 beat
EMAIL - half.seas.over@gmail.com

Social capital

  • less than 10

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